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Reliance jio has launched their product and services in india last year. The company has launch services like 4G connectivity with various offer which cost for free of charge. Services are fabulous and outstanding for the people of India.

Reliance jio has also launched their products like 4G smartphones and 4G wifi router in market with cheap price and good quality material.

Jio upcoming new product and service :
Now the company has planning to launch a device for the car users. Jio car router also one of most interesting device by reliance jio. The name of device is JIO Car Router which is going to convert your car into a digital one. Jio car router has consist of a sim slot by their side which only allow to use jio 4G connectivity and work as a wifi hotspot for car users. The company is also going to launch an app service for this device which convert a car into digital car. Firstly, we have to connect application to the device then through application we can fully track your vehicle. Jio car router  provided lots of feature like GPS, wifi hotspot, navigation etc. and if anything going wrong with our  vehicle then we can get alert on jio car router connected app. and by this device we will track all location where our car is moving form place to place and we can store all details when our car is moving from one to other place. By this application we can get another extra feature.

Extra feature by jio car router :
1. If your car is over heating then you can get notification on app.
2. When you moving on street if on street much traffic then by this device get notification on jio car        router app.
3. If on the vehicle air on wheel and breaking system not working properly then we will get                     notification on app.
4. if our car is over speed limit then we will also get notification on app.

Pricing And Availability :
If we are talking about availability and cost on market of this device may be we will get on market at the end of 2017. And price may be vary from 2,000 rupees to 3,000 rupees.

Really this is very awesome device for those users who are more traveling from self car and they want to always connect with internet.

Image Source : TechUNeed

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